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The arts and media today exert such strong influence on everyone. Music, movies, books, and the mass media of TV, radio, tabloids and the internet provide for us all not just entertainment and useful bits of information: they have become the means by which our lives are regulated and directed. They do not just reflect society and life: they are powerful tools for defining standards and for molding attitudes.

For those who yearn for Jesus Christ to be Lord indeed in the life of everyone, it is no longer a question of how we may escape the corrupting influence of the entertainment arts and media, but of how we may influence, control and employ them for God’s glory and praise.

ALTERNORM is committed to creatively communicating the Gospel using the arts and media, and altering norms through Christ.

What's Up?


The WINGS Concert Series provides unforgettable fun times, each edition loaded up with precious pairs of wings – music, dance, drama, stories, creative illustrations and depictions that offer much more than mere entertainment, information and insight. The essence of the Gospel of Christ is explored, illustrated and demonstrated as we gather, and many are impacted and inspired for an exhilarating ride through life.


SKOOP - Schools Outreach Project

Alternorm’s outreach teams have been visiting schools, setting up sessions of fun with the kids – at absolutely no cost to the schools visited! We call it SKOOP, for Skools Outreach Project. A typical session consists of an hour or two of good music, theatre, dance, humor and short appropriate messages.


Scoop Of Young Lives
NKH - Neighborhood Kiddies Hangout

Alternorm’s outreach teams have also been reaching out to kids in their very neighborhoods too. Just because we know that Jesus loves them, and we know the devil has only evil plans and schemes for them! So, yes, besides going to them at school when we have the opportunity, we’re pursuing them to their home neighborhoods as well! We call it Neighborhood Kiddies Hangout.




The Ibaji Liberation Crusade Series is designed to reach the Ibaji community of Kogi State with the transforming power of the unchanging Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a project of Ibaji Liberation Outreach Mission, a collaboration effort of Alternorm Ministries and other groups and individuals. It is coordinated in concert with major stake-holders including CAN, PFN, and key ministers of the area. It is also intended to foster a spirit of oneness among  believers as we push together for a true and powerful spiritual reawakening in the land.

Thousands are responding to the Gospel in Ibaji land, and communities are being powerfully impacted through our Community Support projects, to the glory of the Lord.

The next edition of the Crusades is slated for February 2025.

Ibaji Liberation Crusades


The Tehilla Hour Series offers an exciting evening of heartfelt praise and worship, bimonthly or quarterly. Scheduled for the last Sunday in each applicable month, the program is held in collaboration with the Beautiful Gate Zone of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God, Plateau Province 4, Jos, Nigeria. Alternorm’s Soundalive, Graciah and Joe Ifah are regulars at the event, along with the Beautiful Gate Voices and other RCCG Choirs from around the city of Jos.

Tehilla Hour


Welcome to our elite online radio station offering the best of Christian music from Africa and the rest of the world. 24-Hour programming delivers all genres of inspiring music, relevant shows and must-hear topics.

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