The Concerts


Wings are for flight, ordinarily, and flight suggests exalted motion, liberation, and triumph. Flight points us away from demobilization and incarceration, and implies release from the incapacitating dictates of gravity. Flight speaks of speed and of unimpeded translocation; mocks the attachments to earth that inhibit us when we transit otherwise.

Flight. They thought it was only meant for birds and butterflies- until someone took a good look at wings. Someone sought to understand how wings worked, and realized they didn’t have to be made of feathers, or flapped up and down in the air to generate lift and propulsion. So today we have giant machines soaring through our skies, flaunting motion and speed that easily beat avian flight.

How wonderful indeed it must be to mount up on wings like the eagle, and soar high over the constraints and inhibitions we know in our different lives. And taking after those who studied and worked to record man’s first airplane flights, we have studied and we have discovered that it is possible for everyone to fly and soar through those apparently unattainable skies of life. All you need is the right pair of wings.

The WINGS Concert Series provides unforgettable fun times, each edition loaded up with precious pairs of wings – music, dance, drama, stories, creative illustrations and depictions that offer much more than mere entertainment, information and insight. The essence of the Gospel of Christ is explored, illustrated and demonstrated as we gather, and many are impacted and inspired for an exhilarating ride through life.

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