Alternorm Ministries was formally inaugurated in 1997 (as Joi Ministries) with a commission to creatively communicate the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the arts and media, to the end that norms be altered and God be glorified, as Christ is enthroned in hearts and lives

We seek to carry out the vision through:

Packaging and communicating to today’s world the full essence of the Gospel message by all acceptable creative means as the arts and media may afford

 Enlightening believers on the place and use of music, theater and literature in the pursuit of the cause of the Gospel, particularly in worship, exhortation and evangelism

Working to effect a stronger Christian presence in (and utilization of) the mass media

 Enlightening Christians on the dangers of undiscriminating patronage and consumption of available works of entertainment and providing where necessary and possible, enlightenment and guidance in determining what particular (or kinds of) works are wholesome and which are not

Promoting, producing and encouraging the production for public consumption of wholesome high quality works of music, theater and literature that would clearly encourage a closer and more profitable relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ

Seeking to inspire and sustain in God’s people a compelling consciousness of the need to ‘Go Now’

Working in cooperation with Christian groups having visions similar to ours, and making our services available to those with a desire to have the Lord enthroned in the lives of all.


The vision of Alternorm Ministries is being executed with the support and encouragement of friends and partners who have chosen to so identify with it. You could be one of them.

Your support could come in the form of:

Praying regularly for Alternorm Ministries

Donations of money, equipment or material

Stated regular support in any form

Deliberate/consistent patronage of our services

According us oppenings for ministry, by inviting us to minister at your events and programs

Helping to source for additional support for Alternorm Ministries

Wanna really count? Support Alternorm Ministries!

Joi7 Premises, Hwolshe,  Jos, Nigeria 930253. Operational phone lines: +234-8033483519.

Office hours: 8.00 am to 5.00 pm Mondays through Friday; 8.00 am to 2.00 pm Saturdays.