Skools Outreach Project

Alternorm’s outreach teams have been visiting schools, setting up sessions of fun with the kids – at absolutely no cost to the schools visited! We call it SKOOP, for Skools Outreach Project. A typical session consists of an hour or two of good music, theatre, dance, humor and short appropriate messages.

A Scoop Of Young Lives!

Almost every edition of SKOOP has yielded a scoop of young  souls. From one school to another in different parts of Nigeria, our experience has been nearly always the same, and I doubt that there could be anything more gratifying than seeing scores of school kids lifting hands in declaration for Christ during our altar calls. It’s so exciting we would like to visit every school in the land and right away, but…

Yes, We Need Help!

It doesn’t cost millions of Naira to run an edition of SKOOP, but keeping the program going does require a steady flow of funds. How far could we have gone without the friends and partners who have helped in the past? Yet there’s a great expanding harvest out there, and we cannot afford to be stalled now! Yes, we do need help!

You Want To Be Part Of This!

As we wish to continue our visits to schools, equipped with good music and skits, and bearing the powerful message of the Cross, we are also looking to upgrade our worn-out equipment (truly well used, thank God!) Add to these the weekly costs of keeping our music and theatre teams groomed and ready to go, and you would appreciate how much we need you to be part of what the Lord is doing here!

It's Fruitful Partnership!

Whether you would want to make a one-time donation or you would want to commit to a stated monthly support, we welcome your partnership as we creatively penetrate our schools with the life-transforming message of the Cross, breaking the devil’s hold and establishing the lordship of our Master Jesus Christ in the lives of our youth. And who sows good and doesn’t reap same? Let’s know if you think you can partner with us in sponsoring this program or help with other Alternorm Ministries needs.


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