Carry Me Lord (Official Video)

‘Carry Me Lord’ is a song that was borne out of a very challenging period in Graciah’s life – when she needed to be totally carried and helped by God in making a critical decision. Because Jesus is ‘The Fountain’ pure, free and perfect, He waits to give us a sweet welcome and He offers […]


When a friend stops by for a visit, and selfishness collides with greed over a shared meal: then perhaps it must take a cockroach to remind us of what the Bible means by ‘preferring one another’!

My Blessing Cometh

Gideon insists that praying and waiting on God for a job is sufficient, but his room-mate thinks they could help their situation by stepping out and doing odd jobs to earn some money. Find out what happens in this interesting video from the Lighthouse Troupe. And please to SUBSCRIBE to our channel!

Cindy Get Belle!

Ben runs into Cindy again after it seemed she had given him a false phone number. The ‘error’ is promptly corrected, and he goes full-throttle after her. But a surprise awaits him. Enjoy this, and share! And remember to SUBSCRIBE to our channel!


In Collabo, a short sketch performed by the Lighthouse Troupe, a strong and clear message is conveyed: To survive and to move forward, it is often necessary to lay aside our pride and prejudice and connect with others in a mutually beneficial spirit of friendliness. Neighbors of habitual antagonism and belligerence discover that a combination […]