appaluseWhat’s your idea of success? We expect hundreds of different answers! And if we were to ask who your greatest personal hero is, he or she might not even be someone we’ve heard of! At Alternorm, our greatest hero of all time – the one with the most amazing success story on record – is Jesus Christ! Yes, Jesus, that one born of some peasant Hebrew girl some two thousand years ago; the carpenter’s kid who eventually became the most amazing reconstructor of broken lives; awesome teacher who says the greatest must be the servant and that to give is better than to receive. He is our model, and in our search for heroes and success stories we wish to see ‘Jesuses’, people of Christ-like nature and disposition affecting their generation in significantly positive ways. Got a line on anyone? Let’s hear, wherever they may be. Their name, work, contact – whatever bits of information you can get to us about them. We’ll take off from there. Thanks.