Even The Devil Would Have Danced!

[Note: This story was written 12 years ago, but the circumstances still apply!] We’ve just stacked back our equipment into the bus. Another edition of SKOOP, our schools outreach program, has just come to a close. Only a few of the students are still seen around, some of them hanging back to chat with members […]

Did The Devil Take Over The Schools?

Some time ago, I heard of an incident in a school. This school operates a hostel for some of its kids, and as things have stood for a while, the kids do not experience much of Christian fellowship while in residence. The young woman who manages the hostel used to take them all out to […]

God Is Working Things Out

‘Don’t worry about anything,’ says Philippians 4 verse 6. ‘Instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.’ I don’t know about you, but reading that verse proves far much easier to me than practicing what it says. Am I the only one with this self-excusing feeling […]

Does Music Influence?

In Genesis 1 of the bible, God created. With respect to man the Book says he made him out of the dust and he breathed into him to make him a living soul. Essentially, creating entails not just forming a thing but perhaps more importantly, giving life to what has been formed. The process of […]

Beauty, Art and Us

I will rebuild your foundations with precious stones… your towers with rubies, your gates with stones that glow like fire, and the wall around you with jewels. (Isaiah 54:11,12) I recall when we moved into a new apartment some years ago.  Spacious  rooms, fine floor. We had the walls scrubbed till they shone.  My sparsely  […]