Dr Barnabas Alayande is a surgeon, creative songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, speaker, author and worship leader based in Jos, Nigeria who is taking the word of God to the nations on the platform of music, medicine and ministry. He pastors the city’s Impact Makers Young Adult and Youth Church and leads The Redeemed Christian Church of God Plateau Province 2 Youth Affairs, a radical community of young people committed to pursuing God with an evangelism, missions and discipleship ethos. He also convenes the monthly Youth LIFT conference worship events and ministers regularly with the Overflow.

His musical and educational influences are very cross-cultural; he has lived in the North, South, East and West of Nigeria and in the UK, and was exposed early to many different nationalities. He started creating music at 5 and singing public concert solos at 6, and has grown through leading several worship teams, choirs and bands for over 2 decades. He has written songs for several artists, conferences, groups and projects and has been recording since 2006. His multi-genre intellectual musical discourse emphasizes the characteristic ‘beyond liturgy’ effect. He is currently birthing the #LoudandClear movement in follow up to his 2016 album – the Loud and Clear project. He records for reconciliationmusic, beyondliturgy, kr8 events and m4studios.

He is a medical doctor married to Folashade Barnabas and blessed with Jedidiah and Jemimah.

‘Many sounds are uncertain, undecided, decidedly ‘neutral’. God has called us to influence nations. That can never be done from a position of ambivalence and uncertainty. We must hear twice when God speaks once. We must speak assertively with the voice of Heaven. But most of all we must embrace a contagious version of unreligious Christianity that is relevant- concentrating on life above profession. Hear Loud and Clear. Speak Loud and Clear. But most of all, Live this love Loud and Clear.’ (Quote from Odds and Ends, Barnabas Alayande, July 2016)

Pastor Barnabas features at the 2nd Edition of WINGS on Sunday June 25, 2017.