Psalmist, instrumentalist, evangelist, fashion enthusiast and energetic worshiper: Jeremiah Femi Coker is a fusion of the diverse expressions of God’s gifts in a man.

He heads the Justified Worship Family Ministries, which was inaugurated on February 27, 2013, and also leads the Notashamed Campaign – birthed from Romans 1:16, which held its maiden event in October 2016 with the next following on February 1, 2019.

Known for his selfless passion and service in the Body of Christ, Jeremiah has served in ministries including: The Communion Church, Port-Harcourt/Lagos, Pastor. Obed Akanya and The FatherHeart Ministries and God’s Own Liberation Ministries, Jos.
Presently, he serves at the Godlife Assembly, Jos headed by Pastor Chingtok Ishaku.

He is a blessed and graced teacher of the word, which he does alongside the worship ministry, touching lives from Jos unto the ends of the earth as God commanded. He is happily married to Maria-Hadassah and they have two boys: Daniel and Adonai-Zedek.

Femi Coker is our guest at the November 2019 Edition of WINGS. You don’t want to miss this time!

Event Details: 3.00PM, 24/11/2019. Reo Devotion Hotel, Sparkleen Junction, Jos City