This beautiful Gospel songstress comes loaded with much more than a powerful voice. Graciah bears an intense passion for glorifying the name of Jesus and drawing souls home through the medium of music. Her quiet unassuming outlook belies a dynamite of fiery vocal explosiveness, confirming that she is a vessel the Lord Himself has packaged for her generation and not another vain stardom-seeker.
Graciah has been part of several musical groups, beginning with stints as a young chorister in her Church’s children’s choir. She currently leads the Soundalive Band based in Jos.

Her maiden album ‘Astonishing Grace’ was released in October 2016 and is available on Gospeleon and other online music stores.

Graciah will be ministering at the November Edition of WINGS – not as a guest artist, but as a co-host! We know she will be a vessel for your blessing.

Event Details: 3.00PM, Sunday November 24, 2019. Reo Devotion Hotel, Sparkleen Junction, Jos City