Nancy Oblete is a wife and a mother of two, a marriage coach, a behavioural change expert, a master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, and an entrepreneur. She is a public speaker and teacher who believes that the approach to family/marriage therapy should be holistic taking into account financial growth and education, behavioural and addiction challenges, parenting, in addition to the couple’s relationship to assist couples have and maintain a stable and happy home. Her teaching starts from the core of the issue, addressing the human psychology.
Nancy shares her knowledge and insight in these areas in seminars and workshops, in speeches and coaching sessions leaving clients empowered to produce the desired results in their lives and families.
Nancy and her husband run an outfit: Panacea Ville International. She is also a team member of Innocent Minds International.
This versatile woman holds a B.Sc in Building from the University of Jos.
Nancy Oblete will be ministering at the December Special Edition of WINGS.
Event Details: 3.00PM, Sunday December 29, 2019. Reo Devotion Hotel, Sparkleen Junction, Jos City.