Pastor Sampraiz is a worshiper and a peace prophet with a mandate to saturate the earth with the Shekina glory of God through worship. And he is totally committed to this divine assignment. Little wonder his music outfit is dubbed Shekina Music! In his own words:
“We believe that worship is the common denominator of the church of Jesus Christ which is today torn apart by denominational differences. Hence, worship is the unifying factor, the one language through which the church becomes the strong force that generates peace-springs all over the world. Only then will we have fulfilled the mission of the Prince of Peace.”
Sampraiz, a Maths graduate, is a dynamic pastor of a vibrant assembly, and works with the man he fondly refers to as his father in the Lord, Rev. David Faruna of Exceeding Faith Ministry Int’l Inc., Kogi State, Nigeria. He also hosts an annual event, Shekina Festival, every November. He is married to Dorcas and they are blessed with two beautiful girls.

Pastor Sampraiz will be ministering at the November Edition of WINGS.

Event Details: 3.00PM, November 24, 2019. Reo Devotion Hotel, Sparkleen Junction, Jos City