Team Role: Actor

Lighthouse Troupe

The Lighthouse Troupe is the theatre group of Alternorm Ministries.

Grace Ochoga

Grace Ochoga

This beautiful Gospel songstress comes loaded with much more than a powerful voice. Graciah bears an intense passion for glorifying the name of Jesus and drawing souls home through the medium of music. Her quiet unassuming outlook belies a dynamite of fiery vocal explosiveness, confirming that she is a vessel the Lord Himself has packaged for her generation and not another vain stardom-seeker.
She had a personal experience of salvation in Christ as a teenager who constantly heard God’s word and who finally decided to make it a lifestyle to decline from sin and rather work continually towards perfection.
Graciah has been part of several musical groups, beginning with stints as a young chorister in her Church’s children’s choir. She currently also performs with the Soundalive Band based in Jos.
Graciah (Grace Ochoga), born in Jos, Nigeria, is of Benue Sate extraction. She is the second of four siblings.

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