Our Projects, Needs and Concerns

Schools Outreach (SKOOP)

We seek to visit at least 2 schools every month. The joy that comes from seeing scores of young people make a decision for Christ is extreme! But often, constrained by costs and resources, we are not able to visit half as many schools as we wish.

Estimate: N40,000 [$115] – MONTHLY (Covers preparation/rehearsal meetings, transportation, materials/kits, etc)


Wings is our quarterly city concert series featuring our teams as well as other invited artists in music, theater, dance and poetry/spoken word. It’s a powerful platform for reaching out to a city audience as well as for connecting with other ministries around us. We hope over time to make it a monthly event.

Estimate: N210,000 [$600] – QUARTERLY (Covers hall/equipment rental, lighting/video services, publicity, transportation, honorariums, etc)

Office/Studios Building Project

We pay close to $1000 yearly (rents) for very limited office/studio space, and rents go up every few years. But we’ve just been blessed with a plot of land, and we sure want to build our own place, to have more room and not continue to rent forever!

Estimate: N18,000,000 [$51,400] – (Covers fencing, landscaping, construction/furnishing of building blocks for audio/video studios and offices)

Sound/Video/Other Equipment

Acquiring these equipment will save us money in the long run. For instance, paying others to provide us high quality video coverage during our concerts costs a lot, as does engaging others to shoot and produce our theater troupe’s stories for broadcast and online distribution.

Estimate: N2,500,000 [$7,140] – (New Amp, Stage/studio monitors, 16-channel equalizer, Electronic Drums kit, keyboard, HD Camera, Compact Video/Stage Lights Kits)

We would gladly receive donations of equipment/instruments, provided they are still usable and not obsolete!

Please Make a Donation!