Month: February 2018

56 Kids Rush Out In YES!

56 Kids Rush Out In YES!


February 16, 2018, Educare Chosen High School, Jos, Nigeria. 80 minutes spent sharing music, games, drama and a short message with the kids, and we were glad we went.

Sometimes, when I see these kids stepping out in excitement to say Yes to the Lord Jesus Christ, I do wonder if they really understand what it means. But I know they do.  I was like them when the Lord touched my heart back in 1976 and I submitted to Him. Besides, even though we go as creative as we can get in communicating the Gospel, we also strive to make the message as plain as possible. More importantly, it does seem that the Holy Spirit is ever eager and waiting to tie it all together in their hearts, making up for our deficiencies. So, today again, I see kids who were earlier too shy to volunteer for roles in simple games, rush out now as the invitation is given to come accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. 56 at the last count!

There’s a hunger in the heart of some kid out there that only the saving Christ can satisfy. Our business is to go out there and present Him to them. Thanks for coming with us!

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“When Will You Come Again”

Global Influence Academy is a small private school nestled amidst the forays of rocks and boulders that define Kunyi-Katse, a northern-fringe community of Jos City. On Friday January 19, the Alternorm Team went over to visit with the kids. Gospel-toned music, drama and games were what we went with. Keeping to the time allotted to us, we were done in about 90 minutes, and while we got busy packing up our stuff, several students and members of staff came by to ask: ‘When are you people coming back?’ Going by the looks on their faces, ‘Maybe soon’ did not seem a very satisfactory answer.

Yes, maybe soon we’ll return again to Global Influence Academy. Meanwhile, we’ll be praying for those kids: that the ones who received Jesus Christ as Lord on that day will grow to know and love Him truly; that the seed sown in them through the music, drama and games will sprout and blossom indeed.
But there are many other schools waiting to be visited. Some kid somewhere is waiting to hear a song that lifts, a story that inspires, an invitation into an exciting relationship with the Father.
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