Meet Graciah – Ministering At WINGS Edition 11

This beautiful Gospel songstress comes loaded with much more than a powerful voice. Graciah bears an intense passion for glorifying the name of Jesus and drawing souls home through the medium of music. Her quiet unassuming outlook belies a dynamite of fiery vocal explosiveness, confirming that she is a vessel the Lord Himself has packaged […]

Meet Sampraiz – Guest Minister at WINGS Edition 11

Pastor Sampraiz is a worshiper and a peace prophet with a mandate to saturate the earth with the Shekina glory of God through worship. And he is totally committed to this divine assignment. Little wonder his music outfit is dubbed Shekina Music! In his own words: “We believe that worship is the common denominator of […]

Meet Femi Coker – Guest Artist at WINGS Edition 11

Psalmist, instrumentalist, evangelist, fashion enthusiast and energetic worshiper: Jeremiah Femi Coker is a fusion of the diverse expressions of God’s gifts in a man. He heads the Justified Worship Family Ministries, which was inaugurated on February 27, 2013, and also leads the Notashamed Campaign – birthed from Romans 1:16, which held its maiden event in […]