Carry Me Lord (Official Video)

‘Carry Me Lord’ is a song that was borne out of a very challenging period in Graciah’s life – when she needed to be totally carried and helped by God in making a critical decision. Because Jesus is ‘The Fountain’ pure, free and perfect, He waits to give us a sweet welcome and He offers […]


When a friend stops by for a visit, and selfishness collides with greed over a shared meal: then perhaps it must take a cockroach to remind us of what the Bible means by ‘preferring one another’!

My Blessing Cometh

Gideon insists that praying and waiting on God for a job is sufficient, but his room-mate thinks they could help their situation by stepping out and doing odd jobs to earn some money. Find out what happens in this interesting video from the Lighthouse Troupe. And please to SUBSCRIBE to our channel!

Cindy Get Belle!

Ben runs into Cindy again after it seemed she had given him a false phone number. The ‘error’ is promptly corrected, and he goes full-throttle after her. But a surprise awaits him. Enjoy this, and share! And remember to SUBSCRIBE to our channel!


In Collabo, a short sketch performed by the Lighthouse Troupe, a strong and clear message is conveyed: To survive and to move forward, it is often necessary to lay aside our pride and prejudice and connect with others in a mutually beneficial spirit of friendliness. Neighbors of habitual antagonism and belligerence discover that a combination […]


What do you say when you feel overwhelmed by God’s immense love for you? Blessed to be able to sing in one of the world’s sweetest languages, Igala, I dive in here and sing ‘Itabale!’ to this amazing God of surpassing love and goodness. Come along now!

What A Mighty God

To the one God of an endless list of names and titles, honored in thousands of languages and dialects – this worship-stirring song is done in Igala and English. He deserves much more than we can ever give. Ojo Okpologidi

Meet Kate Usen – Guest Artist at WINGS February 2020 Edition

Highly versatile Kate Usen is a multi-lingual artist, voice coach and music director. Besides occupying her time doing stuff in music studios, this velvety-voiced multi-tasker also gets busy with humanitarian services and blogging. She is a lover of Christ, and she considers it a great honor to serve Him with the great voice He has […]

Meet Iyanu – Guest Artist at WINGS February 2020 Edition

Born on the 31st of August and the 7th child of his parents, Iyanu Joel had his education in Jos, where he started music at age 7, influenced by his elder brothers. He’s a fashion mogul and currently serves as the music director of Zion Ambassadors Ministries International. Iyanu will be ministering at the February […]

Meet tRuth – Guest Artist at WINGS February 2020 Edition

She is Ruth Oyesoro, and she has a way with words! Not as in clever juxtaposition of letters designed to confuse, but as in mind-jolting expressions that tilt the light to tRuth! She was born and brought up in Sokoto, but currently lives in Jos City, Plateau State. A die-hard lover of Christ, tRuth finds […]

Meet Philippa – Guest Artist at WINGS February 2020 Edition

She is Prettie, and yes, there is much more to her than meets the eye! Philippa is an award winning singer, song writer, recording artist and, in her own words, an aspiring guitarist – and she’s a worshiper after God’s heart. She currently serves as minister in charge of music at the Impact Makers Youth […]

Meet DE GRATITUDE – Guest Dance Crew at WINGS February 2020 Edition

These energetic and inspired young folks are in love with their art. To them, Dance is more than something you do when some music stirs you; they believe it is a very powerful medium, not just for entertaining, but also for communicating significantly with people. In Dance, they have found an effective tool for arresting […]

Meet Damils – Guest Artist at WINGS February 2020 Edition

Damils Da Flutist (Victor Solomon) is a music producer and multi instrumentalist. He has produced movie soundtracks and scores for a number of movies. In the course of his musical adventure he has produced reputable artistes and ministers of God such as Prophet Isa Elbuba, Lawrence Oyor, Faith Faseran, to mention but a few. This […]

Meet Emmanuel Idenyi Shaibu – Guest Minister at WINGS February 2020 Edition

Popularly known as the Millennium Entrepreneur, Mr. Shaibu is a well sought out Public Speaker and Trainer in Strategic Business Repositioning. A graduate of Marketing, Global Consumer Marketing, Financial Management, A Chartered Marketer, Chartered Economist, Chartered Human Capital Development expert(Fellow), he is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Development and Social Studies, a member […]

Meet L7 – Guest Artist At WINGS, January 2020!

He is Adamu Stephen Auta, a dance minister – Stage name: L7. Pilot to pastor Chingtok Ishaku of the GodLife Assembly International, L7 is of the Jabba tribe of Kaduna State, and he has a mission to build worshipers that will praise God in Spirit and in Truth, through dance; a generation that will seek […]

Meet Nancy Oblete – Guest Minister At WINGS Edition 12

Nancy Oblete is a wife and a mother of two, a marriage coach, a behavioural change expert, a master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, and an entrepreneur. She is a public speaker and teacher who believes that the approach to family/marriage therapy should be holistic taking into account financial growth and education, behavioural and addiction […]

Meet Polite Tongshinen – Guest Minister at WINGS Edition 12

Polite Tongshinen is a psalmist, a worshiper who is totally committed to the Lord Jesus Christ. Known to some as Apostle Polite, and to many simply as Polite, this trained chemist is also a certified voice coach. His Voice Brush Vocal Booth outfit has been of immense benefit to many singers. This fine vocalist has […]

Meet Graciah – Ministering At WINGS Edition 11

This beautiful Gospel songstress comes loaded with much more than a powerful voice. Graciah bears an intense passion for glorifying the name of Jesus and drawing souls home through the medium of music. Her quiet unassuming outlook belies a dynamite of fiery vocal explosiveness, confirming that she is a vessel the Lord Himself has packaged […]

Meet Sampraiz – Guest Minister at WINGS Edition 11

Pastor Sampraiz is a worshiper and a peace prophet with a mandate to saturate the earth with the Shekina glory of God through worship. And he is totally committed to this divine assignment. Little wonder his music outfit is dubbed Shekina Music! In his own words: “We believe that worship is the common denominator of […]

Meet Femi Coker – Guest Artist at WINGS Edition 11

Psalmist, instrumentalist, evangelist, fashion enthusiast and energetic worshiper: Jeremiah Femi Coker is a fusion of the diverse expressions of God’s gifts in a man. He heads the Justified Worship Family Ministries, which was inaugurated on February 27, 2013, and also leads the Notashamed Campaign – birthed from Romans 1:16, which held its maiden event in […]

Meet MELISSA – Guest Artist At WINGS Edition 7

Meet Melissa Selaboy: natural hair stylist, preschool tutor, songwriter and dance minister. Melissa is a Cameroonian/Ghanian/Nigerian. She began dancing at age 8 and received her call to minister in dance in the year 2011. She holds a BA degree in Linguistics from the University of Jos. This pretty lithe bodied babe will take the stage […]

Meet MARGARET DACHOMO – Guest Artist At WINGS Edition 7

Margaret Dachomo, Gospel music minister as well as entrepreneur, is a lecturer at the Gindiri Theological Seminary. She is happily married to Dr Sylvester Dachomo, pastor with COCCIN. Margaret bears a fervent cry in her heart: “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders; let me walk upon the waters wherever you will call […]

Meet GODSTIME OKORIE – Guest Artist At WINGS Edition 7

Godstime E. Okorie is a music minister, recording artiste, songwriter and composer. He is the convener of ‘Synod of Worship’, an annual worship conference that holds in the city of Jos, Plateau State. He is the vision bearer of the Crossheart Ministries Intl. Godstime believes that lives are transformed when an encounter with Jesus Christ […]

Church Get Money!

Benjamin insists that the church is very rich and therefore should not require common folks like himself to contribute for humanitarian causes. But a humanitarian misstep soon shows that though he might be too smart to be robbed in God’s name, he is not too smart to be swindled by the devil.

56 Kids Rush Out In YES!

Graciah sings Jesus loves me this I know

  February 16, 2018, Educare Chosen High School, Jos, Nigeria. 80 minutes spent sharing music, games, drama and a short message with the kids, and we were glad we went. Sometimes, when I see these kids stepping out in excitement to say Yes to the Lord Jesus Christ, I do wonder if they really understand […]

“When Will You Come Again”

Global Influence Academy is a small private school nestled amidst the forays of rocks and boulders that define Kunyi-Katse, a northern-fringe community of Jos City. On Friday January 19, the Alternorm Team went over to visit with the kids. Gospel-toned music, drama and games were what we went with. Keeping to the time allotted to […]

69 Kids Said Yes!

God must be very eager to save the unsaved. Just about any excuse would do to throw open His door of Salvation, believe me! So, last month I sent a letter to this school requesting permission for my team to come play with the kids on October 1, Nigeria’s National Independence Day. Permission was granted. […]

WINGS Edition 3: The Lord Was There!

Sunday September 24, 2017. Joe Ifah and the Alternorm family hosted the 3rd edition of the Wings concert series in Jos, Nigeria, at the Reo Devotion Hotel. And again, the Lord was there! Not even the apparently ill-timed rain that went on and on could dim the reality of God’s presence as Joe and the […]

Supplemental Theatre Auditions – 2017

There’s Still Room Here! In our quest to draw in gifted Christians who have a passion to serve the Lord with all they are and have, Alternorm is enabling supplemental theatre auditions for membership into the Lighthouse Theatre Troupe. If you fit, or you know someone who does, then call 08033483519 to schedule an audition […]

COLLABO, Short Sketch from the Lighthouse Theatre Team.

In Collabo, a short sketch performed by Alternorm Ministries’ theatre troupe Lighthouse, a strong and clear message is conveyed: to survive and to move forward, it is often necessary to lay aside our pride and prejudice and connect with others in a mutually beneficial spirit of friendliness. Neighbors of habitual antagonism and belligerence discover that […]

Even The Devil Would Have Danced!

[Note: This story was written 12 years ago, but the circumstances still apply!] We’ve just stacked back our equipment into the bus. Another edition of SKOOP, our schools outreach program, has just come to a close. Only a few of the students are still seen around, some of them hanging back to chat with members […]

WINGS Edition 2 Was Exhilarating!

The Second Edition of Wings was held on Sunday June 25 2017 at the Reo Devotion Hotel in Jos, Nigeria. The beautiful evening of great music, drama, dance and spoken word carefully and lovingly packaged to inspire and uplift, and to grant wings for soaring into the next Quarter – featured Pastor Chingtok, Dave Azi, […]

Meet Pastor Chingtok – Guest Minister at WINGS

Pastor Chingtok Ishaku is a passionate worshiper with a deep insight in the Word of God, as reflected in his various teachings, conferences and seminars. A graduate of Ahmadu Bello University, He is the senior Pastor of God Life Assembly. His music/ministry has been a tremendous blessing to millions around the world. Pastor Chingtok features […]

Meet Maggie Okoh – Guest Artist at WINGS

Maggie Okoh is a singer/songwriter. Her love and passion for God and music informs her beliefs, level of excellence and artistry in music. She was born in July 12, 1985, hails from Bayelsa State and resides in Jos, Nigeria. Maggie is married to Okoh Friday Okoh and they are blessed with a boy (Nehemiah) and […]

Meet Barnabas Alayande – Guest Artist at WINGS

Dr Barnabas Alayande is a surgeon, creative songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, speaker, author and worship leader based in Jos, Nigeria who is taking the word of God to the nations on the platform of music, medicine and ministry. He pastors the city’s Impact Makers Young Adult and Youth Church and leads The Redeemed Christian Church of God […]

Meet Graciah – Ministering at WINGS

This beautiful Gospel songstress comes loaded with much more than a powerful voice. Graciah bears an intense passion for glorifying the name of Jesus and drawing souls home through the medium of music. Her quiet unassuming outlook belies a dynamite of fiery vocal explosiveness, confirming that she is a vessel the Lord Himself has packaged […]

Meet Gbenga Olusola – WINGS Guest Artist

Gbenga Olusola is an indigene of Osun State from Ori Ade Local government in the city of Ilesa. Born in the city of Ilorin, Kwara State, Gbenga went to the University of Ilorin Primary School and Cherubim and Seraphim College, Sabo Oke, Ilorin before moving over to Jos, Plateau State, for his tertiary education. He […]

Meet Dave Azi – WINGS Guest Artist

Born on 10th August 1971, Dave developed a special interest in music at the early age of six. His father, Samuel Azi, was his mentor and role model. In the year 1990, he started performing with the Bible Voice Band. In 1999, he formed a band known as The Bright Band and continued his Gospel […]

Meet Gloria Ejembi – WINGS Guest Artist

Gloria Ejembi has been singing since age five. She started music professionally in 2000, and released her debut album titled ‘CONSTANT LOVE’ in October 2003. Her next work ‘BEAUTIFULLY FOR ME’ came ten years after in 2013, featuring hit tracks like ‘Lover of my soul’ and ‘Sweet mama’. These many years past has seen Gloria […]

SKOOP – Christian Royal College Jos – Sun May 7

As part of Alternorm Ministries’ SKOOP project, Joe Ifah and his folks (Soundalive, Lighthouse Troupe) step out again with a three-fold goal: dish out real fun to the students of Christian Royal College Jos, exemplify unashamed representation of Christ, and communicate the fact that everybody needs Jesus. If you can, please pray for the team […]

Wings Maiden Edition Was A Blast!

Sunday March 26 was the date. The main event hall of Reo Devotion Hotel, Jos, came alive as Alternorm Ministries hosted the maiden edition of the WINGS concert series. There was no dull moment from about 4 PM when the event commenced till it was brought to a close about 7.30 PM. There was music, […]

Here It Comes: WINGS!

Alternorm Ministries’ long awaited concert series Wings debuts in Jos next week with a shining array of artists. March 26 Sunday comes with an evening of great music, drama, dance and poetry carefully and lovingly packaged to inspire and uplift, and to grant you wings to soar into the next Quarter! Our very own Joe […]

Graciah’s Album ASTONISHING GRACE Hits Stores Worldwide

Music Minster at Alternorm Ministries, and recording artist with Sanctee Records, Graciah (Grace Ochoga) launched her maiden album last October. The sweet 12-tracker has since then been spreading around. Graciah’s ASTONISHING GRACE is at this time available in the following and other online stores: Gospeleon      iTunes       Tidal        Deezer   […]

Graciah Drops Maiden Album: ASTONISHING GRACE!

Graciah (Grace Ochoga) joined the Alternorm Ministries Team in 2013 as a vocalist with the Soundalive Band. Endowed with a powerful voice and a beautiful soul, she has remained a great asset to the team, and has since risen to become Band Leader. And while waiting to join the next NYSC batch, this graduate of […]


Targeting gifted Christians who have a passion to serve the Lord with all they are and have, Alternorm has scheduled theatre and music auditions for the 12th and the 14th of July respectively. If you fit, or you know someone who does, then note: Audition time is 1 pm at Joi7 Studios, 10 Secretariat Road, […]

Did The Devil Take Over The Schools?

Some time ago, I heard of an incident in a school. This school operates a hostel for some of its kids, and as things have stood for a while, the kids do not experience much of Christian fellowship while in residence. The young woman who manages the hostel used to take them all out to […]

God Is Working Things Out

‘Don’t worry about anything,’ says Philippians 4 verse 6. ‘Instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.’ I don’t know about you, but reading that verse proves far much easier to me than practicing what it says. Am I the only one with this self-excusing feeling […]

Does Music Influence?

In Genesis 1 of the bible, God created. With respect to man the Book says he made him out of the dust and he breathed into him to make him a living soul. Essentially, creating entails not just forming a thing but perhaps more importantly, giving life to what has been formed. The process of […]

Beauty, Art and Us

I will rebuild your foundations with precious stones… your towers with rubies, your gates with stones that glow like fire, and the wall around you with jewels. (Isaiah 54:11,12) I recall when we moved into a new apartment some years ago.  Spacious  rooms, fine floor. We had the walls scrubbed till they shone.  My sparsely  […]