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What do you say when you feel overwhelmed by God’s immense love for you? Blessed to be able to sing in one of the world’s sweetest languages, Igala, I dive in here and sing ‘Itabale!’ to this amazing God of surpassing love and goodness. Come along now!

Meet Kate Usen – Guest Artist at WINGS February 2020 Edition

Meet Kate Usen – Guest Artist at WINGS February 2020 Edition

Highly versatile Kate Usen is a multi-lingual artist, voice coach and music director. Besides occupying her time doing stuff in music studios, this velvety-voiced multi-tasker also gets busy with humanitarian services and blogging. She is a lover of Christ, and she considers it a great honor to serve Him with the great voice He has blessed her with.
Kate Usen will be ministering at the February 2020 Edition of WINGS.
Event Details: 3.00PM, Sunday February 23, 2020. Venue: 18th Street Lounge, 3 Akila Machunga Street, by National Library, Jos City.
Meet Iyanu – Guest Artist at WINGS February 2020 Edition

Meet Iyanu – Guest Artist at WINGS February 2020 Edition

Born on the 31st of August and the 7th child of his parents, Iyanu Joel had his education in Jos, where he started music at age 7, influenced by his elder brothers. He’s a fashion mogul and currently serves as the music director of Zion Ambassadors Ministries International.

Iyanu will be ministering at the February 2020 Edition of WINGS.
Event Details: 3.00PM, Sunday February 23, 2020. Venue: 18th Street Lounge, 3 Akila Machunga Street, by National Library, Jos City.

Meet tRuth – Guest Artist at WINGS February 2020 Edition

Meet tRuth – Guest Artist at WINGS February 2020 Edition

She is Ruth Oyesoro, and she has a way with words! Not as in clever juxtaposition of letters designed to confuse, but as in mind-jolting expressions that tilt the light to tRuth!
She was born and brought up in Sokoto, but currently lives in Jos City, Plateau State. A die-hard lover of Christ, tRuth finds expression in expressing Christ only. And the handy tools of spoken words, music and teaching seem designed for her.

tRuth will be ministering at the February 2020 Edition of WINGS.
Event Details: 3.00PM, Sunday February 23, 2020. Venue: 18th Street Lounge, 3 Akila Machunga Street, by National Library, Jos City.

Meet Philippa – Guest Artist at WINGS February 2020 Edition

Meet Philippa – Guest Artist at WINGS February 2020 Edition

She is Prettie, and yes, there is much more to her than meets the eye! Philippa is an award winning singer, song writer, recording artist and, in her own words, an aspiring guitarist – and she’s a worshiper after God’s heart. She currently serves as minister in charge of music at the Impact Makers Youth Church of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, in the city of Jos.

Philippa will be ministering at the February 2020 Edition of WINGS.
Event Details: 3.00PM, Sunday February 23, 2020. Venue: 18th Street Lounge, 3 Akila Machunga Street, by National Library, Jos City.

Meet DE GRATITUDE – Guest Dance Crew at WINGS February 2020 Edition

Meet DE GRATITUDE – Guest Dance Crew at WINGS February 2020 Edition

These energetic and inspired young folks are in love with their art. To them, Dance is more than something you do when some music stirs you; they believe it is a very powerful medium, not just for entertaining, but also for communicating significantly with people. In Dance, they have found an effective tool for arresting the attention of youths, and steering them away from wayward living into more productive preoccupations.

The group has participated actively in the Jos Carnival for two years, and has performed for a number of artists and at different concerts, as they seek to glorify God with their art.

De Gratitude Dance Crew will be performing at the February 2020 Edition of WINGS.
Event Details: 3.00PM, Sunday February 23, 2020. Venue: 18th Street Lounge, 3 Akila Machunga Street, by National Library, Jos City.

Meet Damils – Guest Artist at WINGS February 2020 Edition

Meet Damils – Guest Artist at WINGS February 2020 Edition

Damils Da Flutist (Victor Solomon) is a music producer and multi instrumentalist. He has produced movie soundtracks and scores for a number of movies. In the course of his musical adventure he has produced reputable artistes and ministers of God such as Prophet Isa Elbuba, Lawrence Oyor, Faith Faseran, to mention but a few. This gifted young man is an alumnus of the prestigious University of Jos.

Damils will be ministering at the February 2020 Edition of WINGS.
Event Details: 3.00PM, Sunday February 23, 2020. Venue: 18th Street Lounge, 3 Akila Machunga Street, by National Library, Jos City.

Meet Emmanuel Idenyi Shaibu – Guest Minister at WINGS February 2020 Edition

Meet Emmanuel Idenyi Shaibu – Guest Minister at WINGS February 2020 Edition

Popularly known as the Millennium Entrepreneur, Mr. Shaibu is a well sought out Public Speaker and Trainer in Strategic Business Repositioning. A graduate of Marketing, Global Consumer Marketing, Financial Management, A Chartered Marketer, Chartered Economist, Chartered Human Capital Development expert(Fellow), he is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Development and Social Studies, a member of Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria and an Internationally Certified Management Consultant with practising licence for 50 countries of the world and a Fellow of Institute of Management Consultant-Nigeria and International Council of Management Consulting Institutes, UK. He is a Certified Time Management Specialist by the London Graduate School, UK. Certified by GIZ(German Cooperation), SEDIN as a Trainer and Coach to MSMEs in Nigeria in 2018, he is also an Institutional Mentor for Nigeria Bottling Company Coca Cola Youth Empowered Programme, since 2018.

He is presently the CEO/Lead Consultant at Emmab Complete Solutions Concept Ltd, a Management Consultancy firm for strategic Business Repositioning in the 21st Century, training, capacity building and human capital development and a key contributor to the national policy on creating a favourable business environment.

He blogs and authors the daily broadcast BUSINESS DIGEST on all social media and has written several financial, business, investment and entrepreneurship educational titles since February, 2012.
He is married to one female wife and blessed with children.

Mr. Idenyi Shaibu will be ministering at the February 2020 Edition of WINGS.
Event Details: 3.00PM, Sunday February 23, 2020. Venue: 18th Street Lounge, 3 Akila Machunga Street, by National Library, Jos City.

Meet L7 – Guest Artist At WINGS, January 2020!

Meet L7 – Guest Artist At WINGS, January 2020!

He is Adamu Stephen Auta, a dance minister – Stage name: L7.
Pilot to pastor Chingtok Ishaku of the GodLife Assembly International, L7 is of the Jabba tribe of Kaduna State, and he has a mission to build worshipers that will praise God in Spirit and in Truth, through dance; a generation that will seek only the will of the Father. He bears a wholehearted commitment to using dance as a tool and a weapon for fulfilling the Father’s will on the earth.

L7 will be ministering at the January 2020 Edition of WINGS.

Event Details: 3.00PM, Sun January 26, 2020. Reo Devotion Hotel, Sparkleen Junction, Jos City

Meet Nancy Oblete – Guest Minister At WINGS Edition 12

Meet Nancy Oblete – Guest Minister At WINGS Edition 12

Nancy Oblete is a wife and a mother of two, a marriage coach, a behavioural change expert, a master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, and an entrepreneur. She is a public speaker and teacher who believes that the approach to family/marriage therapy should be holistic taking into account financial growth and education, behavioural and addiction challenges, parenting, in addition to the couple’s relationship to assist couples have and maintain a stable and happy home. Her teaching starts from the core of the issue, addressing the human psychology.
Nancy shares her knowledge and insight in these areas in seminars and workshops, in speeches and coaching sessions leaving clients empowered to produce the desired results in their lives and families.
Nancy and her husband run an outfit: Panacea Ville International. She is also a team member of Innocent Minds International.
This versatile woman holds a B.Sc in Building from the University of Jos.
Nancy Oblete will be ministering at the December Special Edition of WINGS.
Event Details: 3.00PM, Sunday December 29, 2019. Reo Devotion Hotel, Sparkleen Junction, Jos City.

Meet Polite Tongshinen – Guest Minister at WINGS Edition 12

Meet Polite Tongshinen – Guest Minister at WINGS Edition 12

Polite Tongshinen is a psalmist, a worshiper who is totally committed to the Lord Jesus Christ. Known to some as Apostle Polite, and to many simply as Polite, this trained chemist is also a certified voice coach. His Voice Brush Vocal Booth outfit has been of immense benefit to many singers. This fine vocalist has an album titled ‘Song Of The Lord.
Polite is with the New Covenant Church, Jos, where he takes charge of the worship team. Married to Fuki Tongshinen, they are blessed with two lovely children.
Polite will be ministering at the December 2019 Edition of WINGS. You don’t want to miss this!

Event Details: 3.00PM, Sunday December 29, 2019. Reo Devotion Hotel, Sparkleen Junction, Jos City.

Meet Graciah – Ministering At WINGS Edition 11

Meet Graciah – Ministering At WINGS Edition 11

This beautiful Gospel songstress comes loaded with much more than a powerful voice. Graciah bears an intense passion for glorifying the name of Jesus and drawing souls home through the medium of music. Her quiet unassuming outlook belies a dynamite of fiery vocal explosiveness, confirming that she is a vessel the Lord Himself has packaged for her generation and not another vain stardom-seeker.
Graciah has been part of several musical groups, beginning with stints as a young chorister in her Church’s children’s choir. She currently leads the Soundalive Band based in Jos.

Her maiden album ‘Astonishing Grace’ was released in October 2016 and is available on Gospeleon and other online music stores.

Graciah will be ministering at the November Edition of WINGS – not as a guest artist, but as a co-host! We know she will be a vessel for your blessing.

Event Details: 3.00PM, Sunday November 24, 2019. Reo Devotion Hotel, Sparkleen Junction, Jos City

Meet Sampraiz – Guest Minister at WINGS Edition 11

Meet Sampraiz – Guest Minister at WINGS Edition 11

Pastor Sampraiz is a worshiper and a peace prophet with a mandate to saturate the earth with the Shekina glory of God through worship. And he is totally committed to this divine assignment. Little wonder his music outfit is dubbed Shekina Music! In his own words:
“We believe that worship is the common denominator of the church of Jesus Christ which is today torn apart by denominational differences. Hence, worship is the unifying factor, the one language through which the church becomes the strong force that generates peace-springs all over the world. Only then will we have fulfilled the mission of the Prince of Peace.”
Sampraiz, a Maths graduate, is a dynamic pastor of a vibrant assembly, and works with the man he fondly refers to as his father in the Lord, Rev. David Faruna of Exceeding Faith Ministry Int’l Inc., Kogi State, Nigeria. He also hosts an annual event, Shekina Festival, every November. He is married to Dorcas and they are blessed with two beautiful girls.

Pastor Sampraiz will be ministering at the November Edition of WINGS.

Event Details: 3.00PM, November 24, 2019. Reo Devotion Hotel, Sparkleen Junction, Jos City

Meet Femi Coker – Guest Artist at WINGS Edition 11

Meet Femi Coker – Guest Artist at WINGS Edition 11

Psalmist, instrumentalist, evangelist, fashion enthusiast and energetic worshiper: Jeremiah Femi Coker is a fusion of the diverse expressions of God’s gifts in a man.

He heads the Justified Worship Family Ministries, which was inaugurated on February 27, 2013, and also leads the Notashamed Campaign – birthed from Romans 1:16, which held its maiden event in October 2016 with the next following on February 1, 2019.

Known for his selfless passion and service in the Body of Christ, Jeremiah has served in ministries including: The Communion Church, Port-Harcourt/Lagos, Pastor. Obed Akanya and The FatherHeart Ministries and God’s Own Liberation Ministries, Jos.
Presently, he serves at the Godlife Assembly, Jos headed by Pastor Chingtok Ishaku.

He is a blessed and graced teacher of the word, which he does alongside the worship ministry, touching lives from Jos unto the ends of the earth as God commanded. He is happily married to Maria-Hadassah and they have two boys: Daniel and Adonai-Zedek.

Femi Coker is our guest at the November 2019 Edition of WINGS. You don’t want to miss this time!

Event Details: 3.00PM, 24/11/2019. Reo Devotion Hotel, Sparkleen Junction, Jos City

Meet MELISSA – Guest Artist At WINGS Edition 7

Meet MELISSA – Guest Artist At WINGS Edition 7

Meet Melissa Selaboy: natural hair stylist, preschool tutor, songwriter and dance minister.
Melissa is a Cameroonian/Ghanian/Nigerian. She began dancing at age 8 and received her call to minister in dance in the year 2011. She holds a BA degree in Linguistics from the University of Jos.

This pretty lithe bodied babe will take the stage at the 7th Edition of Wings coming up this Sunday July 28. You don’t want to miss this!

Event Details: 3.00PM, 28/07/2019. Reo Devotion Hotel, Sparkleen Junction, Jos City

Meet MARGARET DACHOMO – Guest Artist At WINGS Edition 7

Meet MARGARET DACHOMO – Guest Artist At WINGS Edition 7

Margaret Dachomo, Gospel music minister as well as entrepreneur, is a lecturer at the Gindiri Theological Seminary. She is happily married to Dr Sylvester Dachomo, pastor with COCCIN.

Margaret bears a fervent cry in her heart:

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders; let me walk upon the waters wherever you will call me. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, and my faith will be stronger In the presence of my Savior!”

Margaret Dachomo features at the 7th Edition of WINGS on Sunday July 28. You don’t want to miss this!

Event Details: 3.00PM, 28/07/2019. Reo Devotion Hotel, Sparkleen Junction, Jos City

Meet GODSTIME OKORIE – Guest Artist At WINGS Edition 7

Meet GODSTIME OKORIE – Guest Artist At WINGS Edition 7

Godstime E. Okorie is a music minister, recording artiste, songwriter and composer. He is the convener of ‘Synod of Worship’, an annual worship conference that holds in the city of Jos, Plateau State. He is the vision bearer of the Crossheart Ministries Intl.
Godstime believes that lives are transformed when an encounter with Jesus Christ is established.
His maiden Album ‘Yahweh Project’ was released in 2015 and it has been a blessing to lives all over the world. He has over this period released other great sounds which include ‘Onye Omiko’, ‘Jehovah Must Be Praised’, ‘O Immanuel’, ‘Lamb of God’, etc. He has also been featured in various songs by other artists. His most recent album titled ENTHRONED, released in November 2018, has been changing lives and generating great testimonies everywhere.

Godstime is a graduate of Estate Management, a banker and the founder/CEO of Hillside Bunnies NG. An ardent lover of JESUS and a perfectionist, he is happily married.

Godstime Okorie features at the 7th Edition of WINGS on Sunday July 28. You don’t want to miss this!

Event Details: 3.00PM, 28/07/2019. Reo Devotion Hotel, Sparkeen Junction, Jos City

56 Kids Rush Out In YES!

56 Kids Rush Out In YES!


February 16, 2018, Educare Chosen High School, Jos, Nigeria. 80 minutes spent sharing music, games, drama and a short message with the kids, and we were glad we went.

Sometimes, when I see these kids stepping out in excitement to say Yes to the Lord Jesus Christ, I do wonder if they really understand what it means. But I know they do.  I was like them when the Lord touched my heart back in 1976 and I submitted to Him. Besides, even though we go as creative as we can get in communicating the Gospel, we also strive to make the message as plain as possible. More importantly, it does seem that the Holy Spirit is ever eager and waiting to tie it all together in their hearts, making up for our deficiencies. So, today again, I see kids who were earlier too shy to volunteer for roles in simple games, rush out now as the invitation is given to come accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. 56 at the last count!

There’s a hunger in the heart of some kid out there that only the saving Christ can satisfy. Our business is to go out there and present Him to them. Thanks for coming with us!

Support Alternorm Ministries!

“When Will You Come Again”

Global Influence Academy is a small private school nestled amidst the forays of rocks and boulders that define Kunyi-Katse, a northern-fringe community of Jos City. On Friday January 19, the Alternorm Team went over to visit with the kids. Gospel-toned music, drama and games were what we went with. Keeping to the time allotted to us, we were done in about 90 minutes, and while we got busy packing up our stuff, several students and members of staff came by to ask: ‘When are you people coming back?’ Going by the looks on their faces, ‘Maybe soon’ did not seem a very satisfactory answer.

Yes, maybe soon we’ll return again to Global Influence Academy. Meanwhile, we’ll be praying for those kids: that the ones who received Jesus Christ as Lord on that day will grow to know and love Him truly; that the seed sown in them through the music, drama and games will sprout and blossom indeed.
But there are many other schools waiting to be visited. Some kid somewhere is waiting to hear a song that lifts, a story that inspires, an invitation into an exciting relationship with the Father.
We value your support!

69 Kids Said Yes!

God must be very eager to save the unsaved. Just about any excuse would do to throw open His door of Salvation, believe me!

So, last month I sent a letter to this school requesting permission for my team to come play with the kids on October 1, Nigeria’s National Independence Day. Permission was granted. On the given date, after ministering with our band at a church service in a different part of Jos City, I drove us off to the TCNN school in Bukuru where an excited crowd of young folks awaited us. Determined to keep to allotted time, we set up our stuff as quickly as we could. By 3.15 pm we were ready, and the Band took the stage.

No, they didn’t sound great to me. Maybe partly because they were hungry. I couldn’t afford to buy us all lunch today – I had some honorarium from the morning’s ministration, but I needed to hold tight to that for transportation and other needs – so we just pushed on. And then an amplifier that repeatedly tripped off and back on did not help matters either. But our musicians – Mayowa, Patrick, Breakthrough and Kennedy – played, and the trio of Grace, Favor and Abraham sang a few songs and did their best to engage the kids massed into the expansive hall. And then we had a ‘Charade’ game it seemed the kids enjoyed somewhat, after which the band sang a few more songs, followed by a drama sketch we had stripped and re-stripped to suit a 2-cast team. Tunde and Evelyn did their best to project through the sketch, but with the far-from-perfect sound situation, I did wonder if those students actually followed the story.

And then I picked up a mic and rambled briefly about how and why we all need Jesus Christ as our lord and savior – to make us strong and able to keep from souring up our life-soups like the girl in the short sketch they just watched. And if anyone wanted to come over to Jesus, to receive him as lord and savior, I told them to be fast about it. No, nobody was going to shut their eyes to make it easy for the shy or the self-conscious. “If you’re too shy to declare publicly for the Lord Jesus, you may stay where you are,” I announced.

One brave little fellow was the first to head out. And then they began to stream out.

We were done by 5.00 pm, and we had 69 precious decision slips filled and returned – 54 boys and girls saying Yes to Christ for the first time, and 15 others who came out to rededicate themselves to the Lord.

Just how many other young souls are out there waiting to be let in?

And God, He seems more than eager to use any opportunity we are willing to generate or seize, as an excuse to get someone saved!

Photos from Alternorm's SKOOP event of 1st October 2017, at the TCNN Secondary School, Bukuru, Plateau State, Nigeria.

WINGS Edition 3: The Lord Was There!

WINGS Edition 3: The Lord Was There!

Sunday September 24, 2017. Joe Ifah and the Alternorm family hosted the 3rd edition of the Wings concert series in Jos, Nigeria, at the Reo Devotion Hotel. And again, the Lord was there! Not even the apparently ill-timed rain that went on and on could dim the reality of God’s presence as Joe and the Alternorm Team of Graciah, Soundalive and Lighthouse Troupe ministered, alongside the day’s guest artists Mfon Abigail, Tony Mbah, Omo A and D Angels Dance Crew.

Pictures from Wings 3rd Edition, Sunday September 24, 2017.

Supplemental Theatre Auditions – 2017

Supplemental Theatre Auditions – 2017

There’s Still Room Here!

In our quest to draw in gifted Christians who have a passion to serve the Lord with all they are and have, Alternorm is enabling supplemental theatre auditions for membership into the Lighthouse Theatre Troupe. If you fit, or you know someone who does, then call 08033483519 to schedule an audition or for further information. You could also visit our office at No. 10 Secretariat Road, GRA, Jos (Joi7 Studios). Browse our website for more information about Alternorm Ministries and its teams.

Open Roles: 

Production Hands

Troupe’s Mission:

To mirror life and society, explore conflicts and subtleties, and offer Christ-honoring options in the process.

COLLABO, Short Sketch from the Lighthouse Theatre Team.

COLLABO, Short Sketch from the Lighthouse Theatre Team.

In Collabo, a short sketch performed by Alternorm Ministries’ theatre troupe Lighthouse, a strong and clear message is conveyed: to survive and to move forward, it is often necessary to lay aside our pride and prejudice and connect with others in a mutually beneficial spirit of friendliness. Neighbors of habitual antagonism and belligerence discover that a combination of one’s flour taken with the other’s soup (and even a bottle of fruit juice from another) was all they needed for a great Collaboration lunch. Enjoy and share!

Even The Devil Would Have Danced!

[Note: This story was written 12 years ago, but the circumstances still apply!]

We’ve just stacked back our equipment into the bus. Another edition of SKOOP, our schools outreach program, has just come to a close. Only a few of the students are still seen around, some of them hanging back to chat with members of the Alternorm team. As we check to make sure we didn’t leave any piece of equipment in the hall, I hear Daniel, a member of our theatre group say “Men, those kids really enjoyed themselves.”
“Yeah,” agrees Benjamin. “See how they danced!”
“They just couldn’t resist the music; it was too powerful,” adds Innocent.
“Men, even the devil would have danced!” says the new team member who says his name is Harmony. Everyone laughs.
But I know he’s wrong.
The devil couldn’t have danced. True, the music was powerful. We have a good music team. Harry is a good drummer. Yemi, the multi-instrumentalist who serves as my band coordinator, is a professional musician, a fine singer, songwriter, music producer and sound engineer with a music degree in his pocket. David, the bassist, is an old hand; he so easily pumps thick pulsating sound out of his instrument. And I still manage to strum well on my Ovation guitar as I sing. And when I have Bolanle, my wife beside me, there’s no telling how inspiring things could get. Add to this combination the presence of a guest artiste like Orji Olugu doing his peculiar bit, and the resulting music could be powerful indeed.
But the devil couldn’t have danced.
True,the kids got so excitingly expressive as we played and sang, and many of them crowded out into the front of the hall in dance; but I guess even the devil knew we didn’t come here merely to excite a dance. That’s why after all the stomping and wiggling and sweating, after all the rib-cracking laughter generated by the drama sketches and jokes, the kids were given a chance to decide for Christ. And 41 of them said yes to the Lord.
Now we’re on our way back home. As I squeeze the 25-seater bus through the school’s narrow gate, I notice the sheets of decision slips in my wife’s hands. She sits there beside me wearing a little smile and browsing through the sheets of paper. Before I can ask what she finds so amusing, she says, “This is one of my best moments; when I read through the kids’ decision slips.” And she holds the slips like some precious treasure.
“But, you know, we’ve got to do better at follow-up this time around,” I say, remembering the many hundreds of past SKOOP converts we couldn’t muster enough resources to follow up.
“Yes,” she agrees.
As the bus gains speed and Simplicity Commercial Secondary School vanishes from view, I tell myself, ‘Yes, we must do better this time. We will keep in touch with these kids. We will write to them and send them Christian growth material. We must ensure that they are helped to stand and grow in their new life. Concerning these 41 souls, the devil must not get a chance to dance!
And I wonder just how we would do what we must do if we don’t get some help.

You Definitely Want To Count! Support Alternorm Ministries!


WINGS Edition 2 Was Exhilarating!

Meet Pastor Chingtok – Guest Minister at WINGS

Pastor Chingtok Ishaku is a passionate worshiper with a deep insight in the Word of God, as reflected in his various teachings, conferences and seminars. A graduate of Ahmadu Bello University, He is the senior Pastor of God Life Assembly. His music/ministry has been a tremendous blessing to millions around the world.

Pastor Chingtok features at the 2nd Edition of WINGS in Jos on Sunday June 25 2017.

Meet Maggie Okoh – Guest Artist at WINGS

Maggie Okoh is a singer/songwriter. Her love and passion for God and music informs her beliefs, level of excellence and artistry in music. She was born in July 12, 1985, hails from Bayelsa State and resides in Jos, Nigeria. Maggie is married to Okoh Friday Okoh and they are blessed with a boy (Nehemiah) and a girl (Sterling).

Her debut album ‘Free’ was released in July, 2016 and it’s still trending on different music blogs and radio stations.

Maggie features at the 2nd Edition of WINGS in Jos on Sunday June 25 2017.

Meet Barnabas Alayande – Guest Artist at WINGS

Dr Barnabas Alayande is a surgeon, creative songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, speaker, author and worship leader based in Jos, Nigeria who is taking the word of God to the nations on the platform of music, medicine and ministry. He pastors the city’s Impact Makers Young Adult and Youth Church and leads The Redeemed Christian Church of God Plateau Province 2 Youth Affairs, a radical community of young people committed to pursuing God with an evangelism, missions and discipleship ethos. He also convenes the monthly Youth LIFT conference worship events and ministers regularly with the Overflow.

His musical and educational influences are very cross-cultural; he has lived in the North, South, East and West of Nigeria and in the UK, and was exposed early to many different nationalities. He started creating music at 5 and singing public concert solos at 6, and has grown through leading several worship teams, choirs and bands for over 2 decades. He has written songs for several artists, conferences, groups and projects and has been recording since 2006. His multi-genre intellectual musical discourse emphasizes the characteristic ‘beyond liturgy’ effect. He is currently birthing the #LoudandClear movement in follow up to his 2016 album – the Loud and Clear project. He records for reconciliationmusic, beyondliturgy, kr8 events and m4studios.

He is a medical doctor married to Folashade Barnabas and blessed with Jedidiah and Jemimah.

‘Many sounds are uncertain, undecided, decidedly ‘neutral’. God has called us to influence nations. That can never be done from a position of ambivalence and uncertainty. We must hear twice when God speaks once. We must speak assertively with the voice of Heaven. But most of all we must embrace a contagious version of unreligious Christianity that is relevant- concentrating on life above profession. Hear Loud and Clear. Speak Loud and Clear. But most of all, Live this love Loud and Clear.’ (Quote from Odds and Ends, Barnabas Alayande, July 2016)

Pastor Barnabas features at the 2nd Edition of WINGS on Sunday June 25, 2017.

Meet Graciah – Ministering at WINGS

This beautiful Gospel songstress comes loaded with much more than a powerful voice. Graciah bears an intense passion for glorifying the name of Jesus and drawing souls home through the medium of music. Her quiet unassuming outlook belies a dynamite of fiery vocal explosiveness, confirming that she is a vessel the Lord Himself has packaged for her generation and not another vain stardom-seeker.
She had a personal experience of salvation in Christ as a teenager who constantly heard God’s word and who finally decided to make it a lifestyle to decline from sin and rather work continually towards perfection.
Graciah has been part of several musical groups, beginning with stints as a young chorister in her Church’s children’s choir. She currently also performs with the Soundalive Band based in Jos.
Graciah (Grace Ochoga), born in Jos, Nigeria, is of Benue Sate extraction. She is the second child out of four.

Graciah is home at the 2nd Edition of Wings in Jos on Sunday June 25.

Meet Gbenga Olusola – WINGS Guest Artist

Gbenga Olusola is an indigene of Osun State from Ori Ade Local government in the city of Ilesa. Born in the city of Ilorin, Kwara State, Gbenga went to the University of Ilorin Primary School and Cherubim and Seraphim College, Sabo Oke, Ilorin before moving over to Jos, Plateau State, for his tertiary education. He has a first degree in Economics from University of Jos, and intends to go further. Gbenga met his beautiful, selfless and gifted wife in this same city of Jos in the year 2007. They got married in the year 2013 and are blessed with two great guys Peniel and Drew.
Gbenga has worked with House on the Rock, Jos for 6 years as Operations Assistant and also was the Head of the Choir (True Worshipers) for 5 years. He has also worked with several other choirs and music groups in Ilorin as well as in Jos where he currently resides.
Gbenga Olusola is the CEO of Boiling Ice Entertainment whose mandate is to make Christ more visible in every sphere of life via entertainment. Presently he runs music consultancy and training for choirs, music groups and individuals still under the umbrella of the Boiling Ice Entertainment. He has dropped several singles, including the hits ‘Iwo Loba’ and ‘Bianule.’ He is presently working on his first album, which will drop before the end of the year.
Above all he is a passionate God-lover and God-chaser.
Gbenga features at the 2nd Edition of WINGS in Jos on Sunday June 25, 2017.

Meet Dave Azi – WINGS Guest Artist

Born on 10th August 1971, Dave developed a special interest in music at the early age of six. His father, Samuel Azi, was his mentor and role model.

In the year 1990, he started performing with the Bible Voice Band. In 1999, he formed a band known as The Bright Band and continued his Gospel Reggae style. The award winning gospel performer has several songs originally written and composed by him which features several well known musicians such as Shasha Marley, Panam Percy Paul, Newlife Singers, Sunny Okosun and many others. He is also a guitarist and a music producer.

Dave Azi also is a sole organizer of several Reggae concerts within and outside Jos city. He also oversees the Reggae Academy where he grooms young people and helps in developing their talents, especially in Gospel Reggae.

Dave is married to Kach Azi, blessed with two kids, Prudence and Salem.

Dave features at the 2nd Edition of WINGS in Jos on Sunday June 25 2017.

Meet Gloria Ejembi – WINGS Guest Artist

Gloria Ejembi has been singing since age five. She started music professionally in 2000, and released her debut album titled ‘CONSTANT LOVE’ in October 2003. Her next work ‘BEAUTIFULLY FOR ME’ came ten years after in 2013, featuring hit tracks like ‘Lover of my soul’ and ‘Sweet mama’.

These many years past has seen Gloria doing background vocals for several other more established artists, perfecting her skills in singing, and building up her spiritual life.

In November 2015, she released another album titled ‘GRATITUDE’ which contains the following hit tracks: ‘Yes I Believe’, ‘For Your Glory’ and ‘Bless The Lord’. ‘GRATITUDE’ an exceptional piece of work made up different genres of music currently enjoys a fair amount of air play.

Gloria Ejembi is a fervent worship leader and psalmist, a songwriter, a consummate performer, singer extraordinaire and music minister par excellence. She is a role model and mentor to many and grooms the younger generation of singers and leaders. She ministers at gospel events, concerts, conferences, youth and women events. She is very passionate about gospel music generally and is currently on a mission to promote her last effort. She is also involved in charity work as a way of giving back to the society. She has served as a volunteer staff of an NGO/charity organization.

Her many interests and preoccupations not withstanding, Gloria is a family person to the core. For her, nothing compares to family and the ministry God has committed to her care. Married for 16 years to Dr. Ejembi Emmanuel, she is a graduate of social work from the Department of Sociology, University of Jos, Plateau State.

Gloria features at the Second Edition of WINGS on June 25, 3.00 PM at Reo Devotion Hotel, Jos.

SKOOP – Christian Royal College Jos – Sun May 7

As part of Alternorm Ministries’ SKOOP project, Joe Ifah and his folks (Soundalive, Lighthouse Troupe) step out again with a three-fold goal: dish out real fun to the students of Christian Royal College Jos, exemplify unashamed representation of Christ, and communicate the fact that everybody needs Jesus. If you can, please pray for the team – and for a SCOOP of young souls! For more about the SKOOP project, please go HERE

Wings Maiden Edition Was A Blast!

Sunday March 26 was the date. The main event hall of Reo Devotion Hotel, Jos, came alive as Alternorm Ministries hosted the maiden edition of the WINGS concert series. There was no dull moment from about 4 PM when the event commenced till it was brought to a close about 7.30 PM. There was music, there was dance, there was drama – fun all the way!


Here It Comes: WINGS!

Alternorm Ministries’ long awaited concert series Wings debuts in Jos next week with a shining array of artists. March 26 Sunday comes with an evening of great music, drama, dance and poetry carefully and lovingly packaged to inspire and uplift, and to grant you wings to soar into the next Quarter! Our very own Joe Ifah, Graciah and the Soundalive band will be ministering alongside anointed must-hear artists like Wordsmith, Polite, AP (Andrew Patience), Dave Azi, NuGroove, Crix Forrest, Sampraise, D Angels and others. You haven’t seen something like this before! Even if you don’t live in Jos, take a trip there: it will be well worth it!
The event, scheduled for 4.00 to 6.30 pm on Sunday March 26th, will hold at the Main Hall of the Reo Devotion Hotel, Sparkleen Junction, Dadin Kowa Area, Jos, Nigeria. Tell someone dear about this!
For more about WINGS, go HERE.

Graciah’s Album ASTONISHING GRACE Hits Stores Worldwide

Music Minster at Alternorm Ministries, and recording artist with Sanctee Records, Graciah (Grace Ochoga) launched her maiden album last October. The sweet 12-tracker has since then been spreading around. Graciah’s ASTONISHING GRACE is at this time available in the following and other online stores:

Gospeleon      iTunes       Tidal        Deezer      eMusic       Napster       Amazon 

Graciah Drops Maiden Album: ASTONISHING GRACE!

DSC_4933bGraciah (Grace Ochoga) joined the Alternorm Ministries Team in 2013 as a vocalist with the Soundalive Band. Endowed with a powerful voice and a beautiful soul, she has remained a great asset to the team, and has since risen to become Band Leader. And while waiting to join the next NYSC batch, this graduate of Office Technology & Management from the Plateau State Polytechnic currently works full-time as Music Minister with Alternorm – an arrangement that has enabled her to benefit from the facilities and Gospel music promotion  agenda of the organization. The result is a brand new audio album scheduled for launch on her next birthday: October 23, 2016!

For Graciah, this is a dream come true, and she considers it a manifestation of God’s grace at work. Little wonder she has titled the album ‘Astonishing Grace’! Friends and well-wishers from Plateau and other parts of Nigeria will be converging at the Strong Tower Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Miango Road, Kufang, Jos, on Sunday October 23 to celebrate with her and to enjoy great music as she releases this loaded sizzling 12-tracker.  She will be supported by a number of guest artists including Dave Azi, Sampraise Abu (Kogi State), Barnabas Alayande (her pastor) and the Worship Experience Team.

The album is produced by veteran Joe Ifah for Sanctee Records. Arrangements are on-going for nationwide and online distribution. Interested physical distributors may contact Sanctee by mail:

For more about Graciah, please go HERE


Targeting gifted Christians who have a passion to serve the Lord with all they are and have, Alternorm has scheduled theatre and music auditions for the 12th and the 14th of July respectively. If you fit, or you know someone who does, then note: Audition time is 1 pm at Joi7 Studios, 10 Secretariat Road, GRA, Jos. For more information about Alternorm Ministries and its teams, visit our website.

SoundAlive + LightHouse Audtions

Did The Devil Take Over The Schools?

devil-break-inRecently, I heard of an incident in a school. This school operates a hostel for some of its kids, and as things have stood for a while, the kids do not experience much of Christian fellowship while in residence. The young woman who manages the hostel used to take them all out to some church on Sundays, but even that had to be suspended because of security concerns. As an interim measure, a guest minister was engaged to come in on Sundays in the afternoon to hold a worship service with the kids. A couple of months ago, this minister, a woman, came in as usual around noon. In the course of the meeting, while she was leading them in prayers, things got somewhat out of hand. A number of the children began to ‘manifest’ – some collapsing to the floor and a few others going into fits and vomiting stuff.  The minister was taken aback by these apparent manifestations of demonic presence and influence, but with the help of the hostel matron, she was able to bring things back under control after some three to four hours of intense ministration.

An obviously shaken hostel help of a certain school ran one day to her Principal’s office. She wanted to be prayed for, to be ‘born-again’, and safe. Two young girls in her hostel had scared and intimidated her for some time, and when she learnt that her new Principal was a ‘born-again’ Christian, she felt it was time to seek help. These girls had told her that she was their dead grandfather’s wife, and that he usually came to visit and to play with them in the night. They warned her to be nice to them and to keep her mouth shut, or they would punish her very severely. According to them, she was ‘easy meat’, unlike another hostel staff they said had some fire around her so they couldn’t touch her. Our frightened staff took their threats seriously, especially when she noticed the strange influence that these two sisters seemed to wield over other kids in the hostel. Something about them scared her!

Our schools used to be lively grounds for positive spiritual encounters, where vibrant fellowship and discipleship set the tone for committed and fruitful Christian living. Some of us are products of those far better circumstances. I passed through a dormitory system in my secondary school days. From the 5.45 am morning devotions to FCS (Fellowship of Christian Students) meetings several times in the week, we were kept fired up. There was that healthy distinction in those days between the children of God and those who were not, and the light of the Gospel kept the influence of darkness subdued. Things don’t seem to be quite the same now! Find your way into some school dormitory today, and you’re not likely to hear some excited teens singing Christian songs early in the morning or praying out loud at night. Those kinds of activities don’t seem ‘right’ any more. Really, even for excitable youth, it’s not easy to mix these with the more compelling beckonings of experimentations in drugs, sex, music and movie-peddled porn.

What happened in our schools? A lot! From sly government interventions and policies concocted to tactically edge out Christian oversight in most schools, to sheer foolishness on the part of Christians and Christian institutions who couldn’t see the devil’s obvious finger at work in the changes that were sweeping through our educational system: a lot has happened to bring things to where they are today.

Nobody needs sweat to bring on darkness; you just switch off the lights. To varying measures we have all been called to be light in our world. If Darkness has mounted its monstrous canopy over our institutions, it is most certainly partly because the ‘lights’ went to sleep. While atheists and jihadists and gays push and lobby their way into our systems, employing all conceivable tools to sideline the message of Christ, many Christians have lived with visions no wider than tackling personal needs and hankering after new blessings. Many are so coy and spiritual, wouldn’t dandy with carnal weapons, while the godless smartly weave themselves into strategic spots till they can easily adjust laws and policies to lock down the godly and give wings to evil.

While we hope that Christians will get more proactive and vigilant in watching over our treasured institutions against satanic incursions, we must step out with our lights, and find some darkened spots. And don’t you despise the tiniest little light; there’s no telling what the Lord would do with just a little glow. It might well be what some young soul needs right now to save them from the grip of desperate evil. And remember this: The thicker the darkness, the more the impact of a little glowing lamp! If your glow makes no difference where you function now, maybe you have too much light around already: find some really dark spot, and turn it on!

Do you want to be a part of our Schools Outreach Program (SKOOP)? The door is wide open! Please go over HERE and make a much needed donation through our Partners! donate3

Keep your lights burning!

God Is Working Things Out

‘Don’t worry about anything,’ says Philippians 4 verse 6. ‘Instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.’

prayer1I don’t know about you, but reading that verse proves far much easier to me than practicing what it says. Am I the only one with this self-excusing feeling that seems to say that worry is something you almost cannot control or keep out? It’s like I’m on the open sea, sailing scared in a creaking boat that moans and trembles at every touch of the mischievous winds. I seem to hear sinister whispers in the constant swish and push against my boat and face, and each time I look around she seems to be right there, like a knowing caring friend, ready to look ahead for me and with me. Worry seems to hang around me always, offering her binoculars of fear, urging me to take a peek, yea, stare and pre-live the dangers that lie ahead.  No, I haven’t done too well at resisting her –she’s so very attractive – and I have even often gone trembling to her at the slightest suggestion of approaching storm. Haven’t I sometimes felt even a sense of companionship with her – as with a friend that seems to be always there? Her presence and closeness prove so very overwhelming, fogging out the actual past and filling my mind with colorful hints of imminent doom.

But the ulcers she brings in my mouth – it took some while before I realized she brought them – are very painful. And every time they sting at the touch of the food she had told me I would not find, I laugh at me again. How long yet, before I learn to say no to her? How long till I learn to shut my mind to her torturing ways?I have known a million winds and storms, just like you, and my swaying canoe keeps on still. I have worried needlessly a million times, when I should simply have lived the Word. Past each point of apprehension I have realized, haven’t you, that God was working things out all along, for our good. I have looked back countless times and seen that worrying only helped me forget that help was on the way. And what amazing help I have seen! Sometimes they’ve come from totally unexpected quarters. Often they’ve come from regular angels who seem to have been specially dispatched along my trail, coursing quietly along and constantly listening upwards for instructions concerning me. So now I sail restfully on in my bobbing boat, trying my best to do what He has chosen me for. I am daily resisting worry’s lure, shutting my ears and heart to her false alarms. Confident of God’s good plans, I choose rather now to greet each day with a thankful heart. I thank Him for so lovingly working things out for me, and I thank you for being a part of it all.

Thank you!

Does Music Influence?

music02In Genesis 1 of the bible, God created. With respect to man the Book says he made him out of the dust and he breathed into him to make him a living soul. Essentially, creating entails not just forming a thing but perhaps more importantly, giving life to what has been formed. The process of transmitting or transferring life (our nature, our identity, our ideas, etc) into the things we make can be regarded as ‘making them in our image’. A thing so made then takes on an ‘aliveness’, a personality of its own, something that identifies it and distinguishes it from other things, and which at the same time reflects the nature and character of its creator. Verse 20 of Romans chapter 1 says that God’s creation shows his invisible qualities and thus takes away man’s excuse for not acknowledging him.

The great diversity we see in nature suggests that God is not just awesome; he loves to create, to make. The ability to create is obviously one aspect of his image that he transferred to man, and like God, man loves to employ his creative powers.

Musical art is one area in which man does a lot of creating. Every piece of music you hear is someone’s creation, and every piece of music has an identity, a personality of its own. Personality generates impression, and impression breeds influence.

Musical personality   

First, let’s examine the nature of the personality of music, or, more precisely, the personality of a piece of music. What could it consist of, or derive from? The lyrics? The beat or rhythm? The melody or melodies perhaps?  Basically, these different aspects of a musical creation combine to give it its identity, exerting their contributory weights to different degrees and in differing proportions from one piece of music to another. In most modern/contemporary creations, the melody and the lyrics stand out as the foremost identifying elements, but these with the beat and style, the tempo, the instruments and the performance skill and style of the musicians all interplay in a rather complex manner to generate what we may call the personality of the particular creation. This personality speaks, in a way not generally restricted to the lyrics. It speaks, not just to the ear, but also more significantly to the heart, to those subliminal parts of our humanity where difficult-to-analyze responses interact subtly to mould us into what we are. This musical personality speaks, often very strongly, eliciting such responses in us as hardly anything else known to man could induce. In other words, as stated earlier, this musical personality makes an impression.


It must be stated early that even though the impression a piece of music makes depends on its personality, it also depends on the condition, position and direction of the listener. We walk a subjective terrain here. It is like when we confront human personalities. One girl loves a particular young man for his boisterous and confident air; her sister just can’t stand the sight of him, for the very same reasons. Similarly, the same piece of music makes different impressions on different people, depending on what they are and on where they are coming from. But let me make an important point here: our differing perceptions (impressions) of a particular piece of music do not alter, define or redefine the personality of the music, just like the differing responses of two sisters to the same young man do not confer on him two different personalities.  A slice of orange has its taste; one defined by the chemistry of its constitution and state, regardless of the possibility that one kid loves it and another does not. Similarly we cannot hope to define the personality of a piece of music in terms of subjective variances in appreciation.

What is of utmost importance here is to acknowledge the fact that a musical work of art makes an impression, an impression that derives primarily from what we have here chosen to refer to as its personality, and an impression that is in turn defined in terms of our individual subjectivity. Therefore, whether we consider such an impression to be negative or positive or good or bad depends on what we are and where we are coming from. And having acknowledged this, we must also understand that an impression, once made, has the potential to generate or define influence. In regard to music, as in almost anything else to which we may attribute personality, impression is a primary means to influence.


From your standpoint as a listener, music that makes a positive impression on you tends to hold your attention.  (The word positive is used here not in the sense of good or bad, but rather in the sense of strength of appeal.) Such music tends to invite you back again; it tends to ask you to identify with whatever it is that it might be saying, and in a lot of instances, it invites you to identify with the worldview and lifestyle of the artist. Your response to these invitations invariably determines the degree of influence the music exerts on you.

To compound things a bit for you, these invitations are often subliminally transmitted, and you are often not even conscious of your own real response! This brings in the point that music, perhaps like other art forms, influences not only by means of the personality-impression process described above, which assumes a conscious response. You do not have to be aware of the process, or to respond consciously to perceived impressions, for influence to occur. If you hear a given work of music long enough, it will affect you, one way or another.

Does it matter?

Considmusic01ering that the average person listens to his preferred works of music not because he seeks influence but for pleasure, shouldn’t the gratification of this pleasure be sufficient justification for going ahead with his choice, no matter what anyone says?  What does it matter if any kind of music is presumed to wield any shade of influence over its listeners? Does anyone possess the standing to decide for others what is good or bad music? What rights does any one have to specify what amounts to good or bad influence?

There is a great din of voices out here, countless divergent thoughts and opinions laying claim to truth and wisdom while floating about in flimsy mists of subjectivity, desperately seeking footholds for themselves in whatever minds would let them. In my view, it is dangerous to seriously open up your mind to the questions above, until you have first of all tackled more basic questions relating to life and eternity. It could be like a lost man in the midst of an apparently seamless forest who simply strikes out without first of all seeking to determine whether he’s facing north, south, east or west. How can you decide what the right path is when you don’t even know what your destination should be? How can you begin to argue about what is good or bad until you have accepted or adopted a standard for judging?

In my view, one should first of all tackle the question of what to do about the disturbing claims of the one called Jesus Christ before going on to babble about what really matters and what does not. The fact is that this person, whatever you think of him, leaves us not many options.  He says we are either in or out, and that he is the only entrance we could find, and that rejecting him amounts to choosing a life in which nothing really counts. Of course, who says he is right? The fact that his claims and teachings have haunted and tormented humankind for two thousand years does not prove that he is right. They only perhaps suggest that it might make some sense to pay a little attention, no?

For those who choose to choose him (that is what it means to believe his claims), everything counts. For them it matters what they do to their bodies and their minds.  They know where they are going, and they are aware that certain trappings would prove quite unhelpful on the trip. They have the navigational sun of their lives in sight, and therefore they can think to avoid certain routes that would only lead them away from the heaven they’ve been promised.

Now if you really want a life in which nothing matters (except perhaps your self-will), then go ahead and reject him. Set yourself free from the terrors of his intimidating claims, and do as you wish with your life.  Pour yourself a full cup of that terrific brew you’ve concocted all by your self, and gulp it down to the very dregs. Strike out in whatever direction catches your fancy, since as it might well turn out, you are heading nowhere.

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Beauty, Art and Us

I will rebuild your foundations with precious stones… your towers with rubies, your gates with stones that glow like fire, and the wall around you with jewels. (Isaiah 54:11,12)

I recall when we moved into a new apartment some years ago.  Spacious  rooms, fine floor. We had the walls scrubbed till they shone.  My sparsely  furnished bedroom took on an airy beautiful look with the lights on at  night.  Such great thrills from just walking in and looking around!  Yet the  floor wasn’t laid with gold, nor the walls with jewels.  The ceiling had no  covering of stones that glow like fire – just plain white Asbestos boards.  And it all looked so very beautiful!  It left me wondering how I shall feel  walking around the streets of Heaven.      What is it in humans being that makes us appreciate beauty so?  What makes us purr with admiration and passion at a glimpse of anything that  bears loveliness, elegance or splendor?
What makes even little children  show preference for beautiful toys and playgrounds? What ever it is, I believe it must be beyond man. Perhaps we need to  look to the hands of the creator to find the answers.  In the first place our  world is dressed up in beauty.  Obviously, the great scientist who  engineered the universe is also a master artist.  And He did not simply set  down an ordered functional universe, but he also chose to tap into his  artistic genius, splashing beauty all over his creation.  He even scattered  shining jewels and precious glowing stones in the bowels of the earth.  Fortunately, he put in man also the ability to appreciate beauty when he  encounters it, to look around ‘at all He had made and see that they are  beautiful.’ (Gen. 1:31)

And beauty, or rather human appreciation of it, is perhaps the only  reason why we have artists..  Where would be all our poets and writers and  musicians and singers and fashion designers and decorators and painters if no one cared about beauty, if no one cared about how anything looked or  sounded or felt?  What would our lives be like then?  So we can say that  beauty begot art, and that the power of beauty lends art the potency by  which it sways and ‘enslaves’ human hearts.

And the truth is that we are more devoted slaves than we realize.  Or  than we usually chose to admit.  The arts exert a strong hold upon our  minds, influencing our lives in such unobtrusive ways that this takes some  reflecting to realize.  By ‘the arts’ of course I
mean that vast field of  creative activity every one knows so well (literature, fine art, music and  dance, theatre and films), especially those works that serve for mere  entertainment.      How much of our thinking, attitudes and belief is actually due to the  influence of the music we listen to, the books and magazines we read, the  plays and films we watch?  In other words, how ‘enslaved’ are we to the  arts and to beauty?

God gave us beauty, and the ability to appreciate it, and thanks are due  Him.  For art that results from this gift, that shows in a sense that we were  made in His image, thanks also are due Him.   But there is a sense in which  we must view art as we view food.  God gave us food — created us to  depend on regular intake of matter for survival;  granted us not just the  quality of feeling hungry but also of enjoying eating. You should thank  God for your taste buds. What an ordeal eating would be if there ever was  no basis for such a word as delicious and the only thing appetizing about  any dish was the hunger in your tummy!  Thank God for the great gift of food  and for the pleasures of eating.  And because food is so very important to us, there  are things we do with or about food.  For instance, we watch what we eat.  Bad  food could kill you.  Feeding consistently on some particular good foods could  make you so fat (or thin!) that living becomes a misery.   Yes, we watch what we  eat.  It makes much sense to ensure not just that our food is colorful and delicious  but also that it contains the basic nutrients required for healthy growth and living.  Like food, art satisfies our hunger, a different kind of God-given hunger that  must be gratified for our souls and minds to thrive and for our humanity to be truly  nurtured.  As it is for food also, our consumption of art needs to be regulated.  Our  enslavement must be checked and controlled.   Good must be done us, not ill.

And here, as I’m very much aware, we begin to step into deep waters.   What is healthy art and what isn’t?   Who decides what?   What criteria should we use to  define and to judge works of art?   You probably have many more questions. Or  answers. Feel free to share!

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